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2nd fertility clinic experiences cryostorage malfunction Video

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Transcript for 2nd fertility clinic experiences cryostorage malfunction

Could be a sign of what is to come. New concerns over twofer tillty clinic failures. One in California. Another in Cleveland. This morning, a class action lawsuit was filed. Erielle reshef joins us with more. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Some patients at the clinic in Cleveland are facing a grim reality. Told their eggs and embryos were destroyed when liquid nitrogen tanks malfunctioned. This morning, one family is suing. This morning, the first lawsuit field against university hospitals in Cleveland, after a freezer malfunction left the viability of 2,000 eggs and embryos in question. You put so much faith into the physicians and med tall team. Just to have this taken away and to be — just — your hopes and dreamed destroyed. Reporter: The lawsuit brought by the ashe family who stored their embryos with the hospital since 2014. I find it very hard to believe that in this day and age there are not better safeguards and practices that could be put in place. Reporter: In a frightening coincidence, the same day the university hospital malfunction occurred, major problem at another clinic, this time in San Francisco. Pacific fertility center telling ABC news liquid nitrogen in one of its tanks dropped dangerous will you Loi levels. Compromising eggs and embryos for more than 40 0 patients. We’re not saying the tissue is lost. It may be affected. We have to acknowledge that. But our hopes are it will be a minimal impact. Reporter: To test viability, eggs and embryos must be thawed and on served. It could take independent experts months to conclude. The clinic in San Francisco saying if insay ING in akigs to current safe forwards, they’re adding a third system to the tanks. It’s awful. Infuriating. Sad for them going forward. Now to Tiger Woods pulling

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