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Ann Coulter on the politicized Oscars

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Did celebrities’ political smack-talk drive ratings down? FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business…


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45 Comments to Ann Coulter on the politicized Oscars

  1. LOL republicans get creamed all the time from the left because they never target or have any answer to Kimmel, maher, oliver Baldwin etc. These guys have never been taken to task by one Republican. Deniro can mouth off, Carrey can mouth off. Republicans no answer. BTW I think u guys r losing.

  2. Leftists are the most hateful, bigoted, judgmental and intolerant people on earth.

  3. Cathy Areu is another liberal idiot!

  4. dacosta0656 says:

    Fox news is the only one who cares about liberal bologna

  5. "It's great to have 2 smart women on the show" she must have been talking about herself and Ann lol, Cathy is like a Harry Enfield comedy sketch but she doesn't know it.

  6. tea woo Kim says:

    Great Women~!Always fun~

  7. ronald welch says:

    Cathy is a nobody, just go away, go to Mexico

  8. ronald welch says:

    Love ANN, f—dumb ass hole on the left, never watch the shit hole Oscar.

  9. Trina Love says:

    Cathy is why we still have problems😠

  10. Shawn Futch says:

    Put the Oscars on lifetime from now on ..with the rest of the dick flix

  11. Trina Love says:

    Cathy is delusional😂

  12. They have the lighting all wrong on Ann, makes her look bad.

  13. Hangfire-13 says:

    Really… who gives a rat's behind about Hollywood patting themselves on the back…

  14. My twit alarm is ringing so hard it's fallen off the wall

  15. who care if you watch or not the oscars


  17. Mamo says:

    Coulter is such a snowflake. Embarrassing.

  18. Bob Vila says:

    Cathy is bat shit crazy! Her facial expressions are so fucking awkward…

  19. Chuck Schumer needs to step down so an illegal can take his place. Guarantee dreamers will get a deal.

  20. Media Buster says:

    "two smart women"? What?? She can't be talking about Cat, because she is a bona fide lunatic..

  21. Dylan Rekal says:

    Cathy with her fucking speech impediment

  22. No heroes among them. privileged, spoiled monsters and liars. I hope the public turns on them.

  23. Please please Do Not bring that idiot Cathy on your show again ! She does not deserve the air time.

  24. MMAFighter38 says:

    Ann should be on more often

  25. Crazy Cathy is one of my favourite liberal psychos. I love Tucker's show of her thinking breast feeding is sexist.

  26. It's the fucking catalina wine mixer!!!

  27. Wallace Wood says:

    Cathy's parents escaped Cuba to wind up raising a sick socialist in the US. They must be ashamed of this phony.

  28. Z says:


  29. Ann & Laura make so much sense .Cathy just gives out liberal taking points.But to the viewers of this comment. Remember we must fight the culture fight too.Flag CNN & MSNBC & Vox videos . If you can Young Turk videos too. They have been doing this to us for way too long .

  30. Niem says:

    Jimmy fuckin Kimmel wish he was a women. Such a pussy.

  31. MP P says:

    Somebody feed them

  32. Hollywood is cesspool and we all know it. The only way these people will regain viewership is to get back to their core competency – Entertainment. People will overlook allot if they are entertained. Keep up the politics and the numbers will continue to tank.

  33. Why is it admirable to spew lies and hatred under the guise of "WE are America", when 2/3rd of U.S. doesn't agree?

  34. XXI_UNIVERSE says:

    When are women going to realize that the disparity of female directors/cinematographers in Hollywood may have to do with the fact that less women pursue film then men? Thus leading to less female directors/cinematographers, thus less representation in the Oscars.Society will never give to those that beg, only those that provide something in return. Guilting production companies to hire more women will not solve anything. Try inspiring young kids to want to become directors for a start.

  35. Sorry Kathy.You're delusional and ill-informed.Like a deer in the headlights.

  36. faultroy says:

    What was this moronic word salad all about? Didn't make any sense to me.

  37. TeleTube says:

    When you call me an irredeemable, deplorable, toxic Nazi, I'm gonna be ever so slightly more inclined to call you a dirty fuckin' whore. You know, that's just the way shit works, human nature and all. We can be as bright as the day and as dark as the night. It's your choice, snugly pookums honey pie.

  38. Ann is so hot, California dream'n, at least some things can't be destroyed by the Liberals. California isn't as lucky as Ann is.

  39. Ingraham, so endearing that you have children and you as a mother cares for them! You need a husband and your kids need a dad

  40. Ingraham's closing statement was an insult to Coulter, who is far smarter the that liberal bimbo.

  41. Cathy A… 😂😆😆🤣😂 Pathetic picture perfect… I bet she blows George Soros shriveled cock just to stay relevant. Liberal Turds 💩💩 🚽 💨

  42. Cathy has very big eyes! Hollywood is way too over rated! I Don’t watch TV or go to the movies.

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