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Dad makes son run in rain for being a bully on the bus

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Did the dad in the viral video go too far? Parenting panel weighs in. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political…


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  1. Need more information.
    What was the temperature when the kid was running in the rain?
    How bad was the bullying? Not all bullying is equal.
    Did this father make money from this video?

  2. GOOD FOR THAT DAD!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Equal parts Love AND Discipline!!
    Commentators!!! ๐Ÿ›‘ with the full retard & parent shaming CRAP! We need MORE parents like this one & there be a lot less kids in gangs & disrespecting the elderly!!

  3. And this is why we have a generation of retarded children because of these three panel people.. I highly doubt the dad was a bully and shame on you fox for not talking about the issue, if his dad was a bully why would he make him run the school..
    I'm sick of these three panel Monday Morning Quarterback people that think they got a right to tell people how to run their own children somehow Generations before survive without these brainwashed therapist all we know all people

  4. This is clickbait. This video has gone viral around the world on the internet because an unfit parent posted it. You do not shame your kid to the entire world. Father needs to seek treatment for bullying. Father like son.

  5. In Norway that would be a 2.5 mile hike as unless the road is unsafe you have no rights to a bus to school if you live closer than that, still would be a good punishment. Gj dad

  6. this does not help it will make the kid resent his father because it has gone viral he will always be ridiculed for it
    that sir makes you a bully DAD

  7. The child learned this behavior probably from the dad. Dad probably bullies mom all the time. Dad went too far by making son run in the rain, making him wear a T-shirt for a day that says I AM A BULLY would have been more affective because his peers would have seen it and may have learned something also.

  8. The problems probably not at home just look at the Hollywood movies social media and schools that allow bullying and I really don't care about psychobabble people with degrees they are just opinionated bullies themself just because they have degrees which really comes down to when they bill you you'll see how much they bully you

  9. โ€œDonโ€™t tell me what to doโ€ he said to his brother who reminded him the bus was coming … I made my son walk part way to school bc he defiantly missed bus , caused other kids to miss bus too (acting up) while his brother caught the bus…it was less than a mile and I followed with blinkers on for safety ….I was investigated by police for child endangerment ! I provided a safe atmosphere , had I not followed all would be ok bc kids walk the road all the time…I am confused , just want to be a responsible parent …

  10. Great Job dad! I think he might have posted it for other parents to see "parenting in action" it hurts (for the parent more than the child) but builds their (the children) character up. If this kid is loved at home, which I think he is, he is going to be a respectful human being. I can tell he is loved at home because this father is taking the time to actually do something about his child's behavior. Other parents are too busy being stuck on Facebook to address their own children's behaviors.

  11. Still at the beginning but lady let me tell you real life is like that. Anyone in the military know what a suger cookies is when it comes to punishments? You need to understand this world is not an easy or a safe place to live. If you are not taught correctly and trained for stressful situation like this then when real life slaps you in your face you will buckle under the pressure and fail. This is important even if it seem cruel. It is the parents and no one else's responsibility to teach the child. There is no excuse to not parent your child and not every situation has to be like this as well in some case don't work. But if you have a smart parent then they will see this and try something new. I am sick and tired of people who don't know me and my kid telling me what to do. If i need help i will go take a parenting class or ask someone who has experience in other techniques.

  12. That is what discipline looks like. Many parents let their kids go wild like animals. There is nothing better than some good old fashioned army disciple to keeps kids in line.

  13. Gee in 1st through 6th grade, I walked to school (1/4 mi each way – 4 times a day – came home for lunch – most kids did). I did this rain or shine or snow. Why did we walk – because we didn't have a bus. Most families had 1 car and dad was at work with it. If it was raining, we were given an umbrella. If it was snowing, we were bundled up in coats, hats, gloves, boots, and scarves (think Ralphie's little brother in Christmas Story). No one was shamed because they had to walk to school, everyone walked to school.

    I feel the dad taught him that riding the bus was a privilege and because of his actions, he lost that privilege. The kid shouldn't be rewarded by getting a ride to school. The dad is following him so he is not endangered by being on his own.

  14. My dad made me dig holes to precise measurements out in the field until I was exhausted, and then made me fill them back in perfectly. when I was beaten up by bullies, my dad told me to fight back and stand my ground or else they'll do it to me forever, and i'll always be ashamed of myself and be a coward, and he would punish me for not doing so, so I stood my ground and kicked ass it never happened again and my dad bought me my first car, and it was the car a wanted, and I paid for half but I was able to have the car and I wasn't a victim of bulling anymore. I will always thank my dad for that, "thanks, dad"! he also taught me to never start a fight but to make sure I could finish it, and bullies were weak thugs, also they are just a tiny piece of my life so lowering my character to their level was, well, "lowering my character".

  15. Raising a bunch of pansies is whats wrong with this country. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Our kids need to grow up tough, now more than ever in this millennial generation. They need strong male leadership discipline with more than words.

  16. First of all,l I'm so sick of these so called psychiatrist and so called specialist who tell us , when they don't even have kids, how to raise our children. I'm sick of it. All these terms and so called conditions. Then they take authority from the parents and make the kids the boss. And then wonder why their out of control and disrespectful to their parents, teachers, and their elders.

    Then they wanna take your kids and give them a condition, and dope em up.
    When all it is, is lack of them letting you the parent by that and discipline yr damn kids.

    Sometimes kids are just kids. And no matter how you love them and raise them, their bad sometimes. First they tell us dont spank them. Then the say ohh. don't yell at them. Then they say give them things like time out and all that bull. Which does not work, ever. So this dad didn't beat his son, even said clearly. You don't have to always kill,(and we knew wth he meant) your kid or beat him all the time.

    There are other ways as well. I think it was great for his kid t be humiliated. Maybe I wouldn't have put it on line. But his kid did it in front of everybody on that bus. So the dad probably said , O K boy, you want to be a bully now u get to feel what its like to be embarrassed and humiliated like you did to that kid on the bus, not in private in a hallway or something. He did it in public so all could think he was so tough.

    Verses a time out, or beating him, which wouldn't have the lasting affects of making him run in the rain, lol, and feeling a little of what that kid felt that he was bullying. Good job dad, a big thumbs up.

  17. Look at the kids nowadays vs kids 50 years ago. Parents today baby there kids and don't discipline. Parents 50 years ago discipline and teacher respect.
    You do the math

  18. Dad is a dummy because he is being a bully in order to address his son's bullying . At least he could have had his son run home from school in the rain instead of running to the school for obvious logistic reasons.

  19. Oh noooo….the father made his son run in the rain….Ohhh how horrible !?!? He he…. what the dad did will probably make the kid think twice before doing it again….how is that a bad thing?

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