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Diamond and Silk: Democrats using Dreamers for politics

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Social media stars weigh in on the DACA debate and talk about the war on conservative women. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking…


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27 Comments to Diamond and Silk: Democrats using Dreamers for politics

  1. tclarke881 says:

    Love these Ladies 💗Classy and Sassy ! 💗

  2. randle guill says:

    Our "president" ???What about Republicans using our porn star president "David Dennison" to retain power ?HYPOCRITES AND SCUMBAGS!!!!YOU WONT DO IT?WAIT TILL THE THE MID TERMS, YOU SOUL-LESS LIARS….WE WILL DO IT..(..unless the Honorable Robert Swan Mueller lll gets him first …which is almost a certain event to occur)

  3. Anthony D says:

    More cringe worthy Fox shit.

  4. UniquelyMade says:

    Why are these two coons still talking? Notice faux has not hired them yet lol, they make sure the coons stay far away in their home, these black girls really think they not seen as field negros in the eyes of the Republican Party. 🤦🏻‍♂️disgrace and embarrassing for them.

  5. BLT4LIFE says:

    So politians shouldn't talk about politics? Holy fuck these bitches are dumb. 🤣

  6. The DNC is only concerned about illegal shit they call business as usual.

  7. How about you jus dont kick out the dreamers.,.’

  8. Malcolm X said it best about the white Liberal and Dixicrat Democrats are like fox who is crafty in deception and manipulate to keep black people under thier thumb by any means necessary.

  9. C W says:

    lol not from the south. just curious how a black accent is the same everywhere. mmmm hmmm, thats right

  10. The Democrats and Liberal SJWS are using these so called "dreamers" as cattle and free labor like they did with the slaves to keep them on their plantation fields just to win votes for elections.

  11. Jason D says:

    The only thing the DNC wants is communism and open borders they don't care about the American people or DACA and they hate america

  12. truth seeker says:

    intelligent women!

  13. Bryan Rector says:

    You go Girls, Diamond and Silk…

  14. Hangfire-13 says:

    DemocRATs have been and will continue to use the immigration problem to MOTIVATE their base!

  15. Just like Trump backstabbed the LGBTQ community for their votes.

  16. Imported sewage water for Dem Voter base.

  17. lyn ells says:

    Ms Diamond and Ms Silk…you said it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  19. They laugh at them not with them!

  20. Elvin Ostrup says:

    Dreamers are kind of anchored to politics you morons. You numbskulls.

  21. Send me a deal and I will sign it and take the hit. Donald Trump said that but then he changes his tune. So blow me on that. And using the Dreamers as political tools what the hell are Republicans doing. President Bush tried to help Illegal immigrants and his own party shot him down. President Obama tried to help Illegal immigrants and Republicans shot him down. And you two idjits spilling shit about Farrakhan hmm. Let's see Republicans embraced a man who was against freeing Nelson Mandela from prison and who was against funding for the G.R.I.D epidemic and who blamed 9/11 on homosexuality. So don't talk shit when your side is swimming in shit.

  22. Democratic Party don't Care for the DACA . Only to use Illegal immigrants for their Advantage or Scapegoat . GOD BLESS these two Ladies " Diamond and Silk ".

  23. Ya dim and silk wow fox news you waste your time with them get to the news already i dont care what there saying com on men

  24. Fox News why don't you do a report on the black Communist parliament in South Africa making it lawful to confiscate white farmers' land? That's newsworthy isn't it?

  25. are you done cleaning up Trump's floor diamond and silk

  26. Corey Ayers says:

    Diamond and Silk such a cool duo

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