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Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting: What to know

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The latest on the potentially historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. It would mark the first time in Kim Jong Un’s reign that he will have ever met with a United States leader….


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46 Comments to Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s meeting: What to know

  1. The Fibler says:

    Did Trump OK this with his master Putin?

  2. The Fibler says:

    Another scam just like the wall. LMAO

  3. The Fibler says:


  4. I like Kim Jong Un. The volatility lies with the Americans.

  5. Clavers1369 says:

    How about holding the meeting in Hiroshima, Japan?

  6. Prof. Weed says:

    We know the US couldn't attack North Korea without starting awar with China. We also know Trump was increasing tension in the peninsula in order to blackmail Moon Jae-in into renegotiating the South Korea-US freetrade agreement. Trump's been outplayed by Kim and Moon.

  7. BurntRAM says:

    maybe use those rockets to build a space program… mine some astroids do something positive with your tech, ya bums.

  8. Little hands and fat boy too meet. There will be a penis size showdown.

  9. Robert Downs says:

    U are u calling a Moron first of all I do not like trump and Kim Jung un they are both evil and I do not Like evil he is not my president he's ures and Kim Jung un is better off in a prison cell same with trump

  10. Eddy Gomez says:

    Quiero los cohetes en israelí chino y donald trump los queremos desde colombia por favor acabar con las gonorreas hijueputas del estado islámico cual estado isis basura de mierdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Jerry Moore says:

    He should get the Nobel Peace Prize,but the left will propably accuse him of ( Coluding with North Korea )

  12. Ro G says:

    t'rump just gave away the house without getting anything in return. We have three Americans being held in NK and no attempt to get them out. Kim Jong Un just won the fight – he's getting legitimate respect from the US and gave up nothing. And if you think he's going to stop nuclear testing, apparently you don't know the history of NK never standing by their agreements.

  13. There is nothing to know. Simply sit back and wait for the outcome and hope for the best. Regardless of what you report now, it is all assumptions. Let it go.

  14. Trump deserves the Nobel peace prize

  15. SJ L says:

    Another distraction.

  16. kim DUNG un says:

    You Zionist scum want me come and get me!!!

  17. I think that Kim Un has shot his wad. He has no money and no more weapons. He needs cash to finance more missiles. I don't trust Un. He makes Joffrey of Game Of Thrones look like a pussy cat.

  18. I just love that president. Just think of Obummer got a nobel Peace Price, for what? This president is gonna facillitate Peace in the korean peninsula. And then what? whos gonna get the nobel Peace Price for that? The World is getting more stupid by the day.

  19. Jay Ahen says:

    Kim jong un is scared for life lol

  20. Robert Downs says:

    Trump kissing North Korean leaders ass he knows the North Korean Leader's means business

  21. I don’t support Trump but anyone saying they wants him to fail is crazy, I hope all goes well and that progress is made

  22. Mike M says:

    Bomb him dont trust him or any globalists ever

  23. tonyck says:

    Wow….a meeting with the two most dangerous people on earth,  and the most stupid,….and and  and.. the two most weird crazy hairstyles !

  24. putin and xi ordered kim jong un to say he would meet with trump to distract from the storm that would have taken their puppet down so they staged the distraction.

  25. Rummor has it they already met back in Nov and yes a deal was reached…

  26. Les Stew says:

    Nice cover from the Storm

  27. Im sure north korean people need help😂😂,I went to thereShare….I wanna save u and I will save u

  28. Jodie Holmes says:

    Here is what you need to knowThis is really badThis makes Kim Jong Un a legitimate leader that makes demands of us. They hold power over us now. It is one thing for an Ambassador to go but When the Leader of the Country goes to meet face to face with a Dictator this empowers them. When the talks fail he will have even more power over the U.S

  29. Hangfire-13 says:

    President Trump will NOT be played! NoKo KNOWS who they are dealing with… we need to offer a way to (1)disarm NoKo, (2)help it's people (eat) and (3)make Rocket Man look like a good leader (save face) at the same time!

  30. That kind of worries me, but I hope president will be safe throughout the meeting with this devil. Who knows, he just might convince him to side with us! What a world that would be when we are at peace with North Korea. Trump is the best!

  31. nelson 100 says:

    If Trump can pull this off.. This will be a good thing.. and Trump will silence many of his critics.. ( me being one of them )

  32. Winter Sky says:

    barack NEVER got this far….Good for President Trump!!!

  33. South Korea is a cuckold country. 70 years of defending them while they enjoy enormous trade advantage due to $5 per day labor is more than enough. Get us OUT of N Korea now, and when that's done, get out of the Mideast.

  34. Rylo Ken says:

    Calling it now: Libtards will call it North Korean Collusion! Sad libtards because no WW3…

  35. Trump will offer Kim a chance to end the Korean war, and denuclearization, plus eventually normalization of relations. If Kim fucks this up, Trump will destroy him.

  36. Kegga Puusi says:

    People, such as Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, with dangerous mental disorders should not be allowed access to AR-15's; and certainly not to nuclear weapons.

  37. Octavus5 says:

    Lindsay Graham spoiled the presentation.


  39. For sure, Kim has stuff under his sleeve. A very deceitful Character. Says one thing, with a hidden agenda and/or agendas, and does another. An unstable dude. A Madman. Not playing with a full deck. He can snap any moment. 🤔

  40. FIRE ANGEL says:

    It is a very good thing to meet……we need to start PEACE & bring prosperity unto all people….of all nations….each of us in our own unique way contribute to our world…..many leaders have only used their influence to line their pockets but the day for that is over as new technology has given we THE PEOPLE the POWER…..We expect better of our leaders, media, industry, business, commerce,healthcare, education….the day for "dumb-down" poor ignorant masses is OVER!!!! The internet IS a great tool…..everyone look for peace, ask for it demand it….give us a better future!!!!

  41. Feral Vicar says:

    It will be interesting to compare who is fatter, uglier and sports the worst haircut – it will be a close call!

  42. Peter James says:

    Isn't just great? Watching MSM squirm and resort to downright lies…

  43. ste c says:

    720p what's this 2010 or what

  44. Not sure that's a good idea If it happens, it should here in Washington. Praying always for the safety of our President!

  45. Donna Koontz says:

    Quite right- do NOT try to play with President Trump.

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