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Gary Cohn to resign as Trump’s top economic adviser

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President Trump

thanks Cohn for his service to the American people. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political…


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  1. Stay off my comments lunatic liberals you dummies better be lucky there arent enough asylums to house you precious sociopathetic snowflakes ❄ now mind your business #Facts Fuck your feelings and now others can see you maniacs cant stay in your own lane that's why you gwt dragged #SuspendedFromTwitter 👋 👽 bye Felicia

  2. Fact Check: He didn't serve the country, he created a tax code for his buddies on Wall Street and now that Mueller is coming for their assess, the White House is in chaos. No worries, Dems will take the house and senate in November. Time for some competent people, its too embarrassing at this point. Trump sure knows how to hire the BEST people. lmaoo

  3. Tarzee’s Words of Wisdom:
    Spraying Lysol on rugs prevents Beagles rubbing their assholes on carpets.
    Beagle Farts acts as an air “freshner”
    “Eating grass and vomiting cures stomach issues.”
    Milk-bones taste good and cleans your canines.
    Allowing Beagles to eat dog turds provides Beagles with Vitamin D.
    Vicks-44 cures Beagle’s Coughing.

    Beagle Fart Noises.

  4. Incompetence. Tomorrow, Wall Street will respond, and it won't be pretty. Cohn kept the markets confidence in Trump, that's over now. This whole administration is falling to pieces.

  5. Anywho what took so long bye Gary the Globalists what's yo social & Wheres yo real🆔so 👽 can send ya some dirty files and phony "promissory notes"
    #OMB 🔨sure GS is good for 40-80k-Millions-Trillions eh

  6. Word is that McMaster is also leaving this freakshow administration any day.Unbelievable, is anyone really surprised that Trump would have the biggest circus administration in American history? What a mess. Trump is a joke.

  7. First time watching fox news. lol. Wow bunch of morons, no wonder we are doomed as a society when this is considered journalism. All snarky opinions. This is the last thing we need as a nation. More bullshit. And the comment section is plagued enough with Russian trolls trying to make us all hate each other even more.

    Good luck america, now we are truly fucked.

  8. We need to reach out to the Japanese for some of those attractive female robots to be the White House staff. They are the only ones capable of putting up with Trump and he'll prefer it too.

  9. 😂😂😂😂 Another one bites the dust. There will no one left in this illegitimate presidency by the end of the month. Maybe that's Trumps plan all along, get everyone out so the Russians can come in.

  10. This was already planned and how many advisers were for 0buma 8 or so. Anyway, Gary Colon was not on the side of Trump's America First policy. Bright guy but as clueless as Juan

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