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How James Comey’s wife found out about his firing Video

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  • Now Playing: James Comey Part 6: Comey on a Trump impeachment

  • Now Playing: Trump lashes out at Comey: ‘Untruthful slimeball’

  • Now Playing: How James Comey’s wife found out about his firing

  • Now Playing: Major storms bring snow, rain and tornadoes to millions

  • Now Playing: Kellyanne Conway responds to Comey bombshell comments

  • Now Playing: Barbara Bush in failing health, stops medical treatment

  • Now Playing: Trump demands right to review FBI-seized materials

  • Now Playing: James Comey addresses his most controversial decisions

  • Now Playing: 911 operator who took call from teen who died in van is set to return to work

  • Now Playing: Beyonce and Destiny’s Child reunites in Coachella

  • Now Playing: New study finds as little as one drink a day could shorten your life expectancy

  • Now Playing: White House presents report it says proves Syria conducted chemical attack

  • Now Playing: Viral video of arrests at Starbucks sparks controversy

  • Now Playing: Police searching for grandmother who allegedly killed her husband and another person

  • Now Playing: New revelations from fired FBI director in exclusive interview

  • Now Playing: Trump’s lawyer is facing criminal investigation and he’s due in court tomorrow

  • Now Playing: Severe weather across the country and deadly tornadoes in the South

  • Now Playing: Coachella 2018 kicks off with The Weeknd

  • Now Playing: Comedian Will Ferrell recovering after accident

  • Now Playing: Trump’s personal lawyer goes to court after FBI raid

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