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Ingraham: The humorless, out-of-touch American left

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Critics were apoplectic over comments President Trump made to a group of donors. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as…


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33 Comments to Ingraham: The humorless, out-of-touch American left

  1. madmatz01 says:

    If you want to see something funny watch this again with the CC turned on WTF. Obviously YouTube has a little explaining to do

  2. I changed channels during one of those drug infomercials, and caught the Best Actress Award. Woman in an ugly dress won, and proclaimed her Anarchists buddies had cleaned up nice for the night-That was enough of That BS! I flipped back to the drug infomercial-Much more entertaining!!!

  3. i max says:

    Yes a joke. A STUPID unnecessary joke.

  4. Best characterization of Hollywood ever!

  5. The left likes to use the platform of these Movie award shows to further push their agenda, and lure in New liberal supporters by the actors they like and the movies they've watch..

  6. John Koster says:

    Yeah Trump is such a funny man! He's a clown!

  7. cbdawgpound says:

    Laura Ingraham on fiya!🔥☝️🏅🥇🎖🏆💒


  9. D. R. says:

    Laura is such a cunt. She berated Pres Obama when he mispronounced corpsman She’s intelligent but such a fucking hypocrite. Get that racist white nationalist money, Laura

  10. Matt Mills says:

    This is why they get called fake news and no with a brain takes them seriously.

  11. AJ M says:

    Hollywood is filled with retards, freaks, and homos. Deport them all.

  12. Eric Fryer says:

    I would rather watch the grass grow than the Oscars !

  13. Marcus says:

    Ingraham gets paid 14 million to spin Trump crap….

  14. Alan Zan says:

    Who watches Morning Joke ?

  15. Scientologist should leave the nation immediately if they want to live. Including you

  16. chindoo says:

    MOvie stars and sport celebs are not the president dumb ass

  17. I still don't understand why the Coward County Sheriffs office stood down. 😱

  18. l chen says:

    If Trump changes the current legislation to enable a more permanent Republican government, im all for it. Dont mock too much Laura. #trumptrain

  19. Nasty liberals were crying about Trump breaking the law and then they stand up and applaud law breaking illeagles.LOL!!LOL!!,,They are entertaining for sure and of course vile humans nestled safe in the Flag of freedom and protected by guns….LOL………

  20. The Oscars, where the women showed up half naked and none of the beta males noticed.

  21. dan wald says:

    0:38 It is crazy how by the Olympics CNN/(Crap News Net Work) and MSNBC called the sister of Kim Jong-un a mass murder the Ivanka Trump of North Korea but have a problem with this joke.

  22. …It's hard to surmise that those that just hold a hatred for one man that will probably never encounter, that it consumes valuable time helping those who they champion!?…

  23. Dixie Chicks, who?If I "dream" about being a millionaire, will the government make me one?

  24. blizte3 says:

    The truth of all investigations of last few years or longerall go back every one to these sources and bodies or organizations: liberals,socialists, leftists, communists, democrats, the 18 main media organizations. Tiedto Clinton with Obama collusion of all these parties linked to globalisteconomic crashing of the u.s. then those countries and places not ran in to theground by the sources I pointed out first. The evilest most vilest criminalorganizations of political powers have shown fixing elections framing noneAmerican to highest office maybe? Then forming criminalizing the citizens ofu.s. vr. Those illegal and goal removing electoral standards. For objectiveanti freedom parties I said earlier are blocking actions of justice, mediasmearing agent of justice from acting in the public's best interests. This leadus to point all liberal, socialist, communist, leftist, progressive democratsare against truth we the people. not the government deep state inner circlesociety of shadows hacking fox news and others to push voting fraud, stoppingexperts seeing computers hacked by these groups by someone revealing who isreally guilty parties: every single: democrat, liberal, socialist, communist,leftist, progressives, in world then rinos who are fraud themselves. Time hascome for removing Mueller or make him convict Clinton and Obama and rice holderall the guilty parties in play on the board, or the last punishment for statesand cities of California New York, and all illegal support spot us wise. No mercyfor the guilty, I do not live by any law I pick by these parties I repeatlypoint out 90 to 95 percent of crime is done by them.

  25. These people are nuts. They need some heavy mental health meds. Grow up people.

  26. John Wei says:

    It is something the left forgot and that is the art of humor. Look at the Oscar’s ratings crash is obvious.

  27. Ken Stockman says:

    Laura, your the shit! You have my vote If you ever run fir office.

  28. mike Leen says:

    Hmmm. Someone’s but hurt about Kobe Bryant. You missed some facts though Ingraham

  29. Ken Stockman says:

    Holy shit these people are out of there minds! We’re fucked, If they ever gain control of this country.

  30. Johnny Owusu says:

    Wow conservatives are the ones that really hate America and what is stands for. The only fucking thing they defend is the second amendment. How can you defend such an authoritative gesture by a US President. You people suck

  31. If it weren't for the FCKTARDS ,, the real Americans wouldn't have anything to laugh at.. MAGA MAGA MAGA

  32. afrose71 says:

    "Humorless and out of touch" — have you met the orange con man you elected? Whines like a little cry-ass every time SNL lampoons his circus administration. Donnie Dictator and his fragile ego. #fakenews #fakepresident

  33. Jimmy Kimmel needs to fuck off and die. Why wasn't there a mass murder at the oscars?? Oh yeah. A bunch of guys with ar 15's.

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