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Megyn Kelly’s NBC problems worsen

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Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night newsmagazine is the latest in a series of problems plaguing the high-paid star’s tenure at NBC. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service…


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46 Comments to Megyn Kelly’s NBC problems worsen

  1. NBC= Nothing But Crap.

  2. Why would anyone even care about this. The rate of deterioration of kleenex on a humid day versus the earth's magnetic poles is a real story compared to this.

  3. Carrie Peach says:

    Hate the stupid music /videos and flashing narrative.

  4. gary morton says:

    stupid bitch had it made at fox if she wouldnt have grandstanded! fox is #1 and all them guys are getting fucking rich,youll be lucky to have a job aint hot or smart mygan,your just a money grubing cunt that will do or say anything for your inrichment.

  5. Thom Sieloff says:

    She went up against God’s anointed and lost. True colors revealed.

  6. ELK says:

    Before some troll thinks I am a liberal lunatic, or progessive, socialist or otherwise a communist I should say that I don't care for most of the so-called news and that I don't even waste my time watching Fox News much less the other looney tune networks. That said, I have just one question. When did the news become the news? Why are we even seeing crap like this? Isn't there some legitimate news story that you can cover instead?Okay, I'll admit that was three questions. But everyone has to have some fault in them right?

  7. Wango Bango says:

    Must be a slow news cycle at fox for them to post this fake news.

  8. percy barker says:

    She a looser, and she's a Russian bot, the libtards favorite saying

  9. "Worsen"?….this is all old News…Clickbait.

  10. Everyone who came after President Trump is ruined😂. Shep Smith is next I hope

  11. FOX is just being jealous of Megyn kelly

  12. Alex Znaiden says:

    Megan lost the deplorables with her attacks on Trump.

  13. Roadking911 says:

    The only thing she is good for is laying in her back.

  14. Pyras Terran says:

    Petty Fox News looking up their ex’s history to feel better about themselves

  15. What a terrible video to be on fox yt channel. Ugh. Subtitles? Do better

  16. As the saying goes, "she's a legend in her own mind." Biased interviews with softball, leading questions to fit agenda. Her interview with Howard Stern was amusing however.

  17. Knight Oyin says:

    Her attacks on Trump exposed and ruined her. She should have kept her head and remained the top lady at FOX but she got proud and arrogant and lost it all. I couldn't be happier with Shannon, Matha, Harri and the res of the classy ladies on Fox. Megyn will be let go from NBC soon cos she is failing massively and no one feels sorry for her. 😂😂

  18. xTGE says:

    Hahahaha lmfao.She went from a $20million contract at Fox to this 😂

  19. alan nguyen says:

    can't trust this woman. bad bad…

  20. alan nguyen says:

    she till have blood come out from her…??

  21. Cameramen at her show complain she has a stinky cooch.

  22. DJ DENNIS says:

    i love Megyn Kelly>>she is not afraid to ask the hard questions!!! shame on you fox news for reporting your bad opinions which are not facts they are just your stupid opinions>>why dont you guys talk about bill o'reilly !!!!

  23. Forgot about her a long time ago.

  24. Maybe shell write another book telling us how it’s all Trumps fault why her career sucks

  25. You can take the cunt out of fox jews but you can't take the fox jews out of the cunt.

  26. You can't put lipstick on a cunt and call it a woman. Megyn kelly has no place in public life. She needs to retire to the nursing home for Fox Jews cunts. She has no future in the world.

  27. Leigh Barry says:

    Bawahaha its HILARIOUS to see her Bitchzilla attitude has earned her SQUAT at NBC and NBC aka NeverBeenCredible reaps what they sow which is SHIT😈

  28. Eric Shutter says:

    Toxic woman … just ignore them …

  29. she's going to be a great looking crack addict in a few years.

  30. Kelly better step up or her next step down the ladder will be the View…….where she belongs.

  31. DB Cisco says:

    They haven't fired her yet ? Oh Wait !! NBC is run by imbeciles. Never mind.

  32. Micha EL says:

    LOL Nutty Bitch Clinton network is like the loser high school dork lusting after the Prom Queen. Sorry NBC, Fox has already been there and done that with this dumb cunt, all that's left for you is sloppy seconds! Beahahaha

  33. James Cooper says:

    So many angry virgins! Just get on with your lives!

  34. The Traveler says:

    It is SOOOOO awesome watching her go down in flames. That's what she gets. Alex Jones was the start of her downfall. She thought she was going to build her new career on his humiliation and she is the only one that wound up humiliated. It backfired in spectacular fashion! Bye bitch! It's been a long time coming. For you fox viewers that don't like Infowars, things like this are why people like me follow them. They are the ones that did her in. Plus they have info on there that takes fox weeks or even years before they pick up the same story.

  35. Brian Crane says:

    Love the music in this vid! (Hate the blonde)…

  36. Florida Law makers are in the process of KILLING the 2nd Amendment as I type this. Hold on tight America things are going to turn into a SHIT-STORM this year.If you think it wont happen to you or your state think again. THE DEM'S MADE THIS! When and where is the next False Massacre going to take place? Your state???

  37. Mama Ames says:

    I'm not exactly sure how this video demonstrates that "Megyn Kelly's Troubles WORSEN." Is ANY of this NEW? In a word? NO.

  38. CHAS1422 says:

    Megyn Kelly in her starring role "Singin' in the Drain"…

  39. J.P. Lindsay says:

    Megyn Kelly just plain sucks! 🙁

  40. jim52536 says:

    Those who try to hurt or offend Mr Trump God's Anointed man will be dealt with by Lord God

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