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NYC authorities hold press conference on helicopter crash Video

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  • Now Playing: The FDNY carries a survivor of the NYC helicopter crash to safety

  • Now Playing: NYC authorities hold press conference on helicopter crash

  • Now Playing: 3rd nor’easter still a possibility for start of next week

  • Now Playing: Fridge malfunction at fertility clinic leaves 700 patients unsure if embryos viable

  • Now Playing: 92-year-old woman smothered by roommate: NYPD source

  • Now Playing: Suspect flees traffic stop after police officer lands in car

  • Now Playing: Dozens of cars crash in snowy pileup, injuring 3

  • Now Playing: Miami nightclub under investigation over dancer’s riding white horse into crowd

  • Now Playing: Salvation Army opens grocery store

  • Now Playing: Sobbing ‘Pharma Bro’ Shkreli begs for court mercy

  • Now Playing: Active shooter and hostage situation reported at veterans home

  • Now Playing: Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs gun safety bill in response to Parkland school shooting

  • Now Playing: Police searching for missing teen, man

  • Now Playing: Man allegedly takes police officer’s gun, fires shots

  • Now Playing: Gay minister faces possible defrocking

  • Now Playing: 17-year-old student killed in shooting at Alabama high school: Police

  • Now Playing: Hundreds of cars stranded on New Jersey highway for hours following nor’easter

  • Now Playing: Women’s basketball team use its moves on a bus stranded in the snow

  • Now Playing: NJ faces black ice threat in wake of nor’easter

  • Now Playing: Mysterious burst of light, loud boom puzzle residents

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