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Parole Officers Visit the House 60 Times Video

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  • Now Playing: Unlikely Heroes Start to Investigate Garrido

  • Now Playing: How Did Phillip Garrido Pull Off This Crime?

  • Now Playing: Officer’s Failed Search Caught on Tape

  • Now Playing: Woman dies mysteriously in historic California mansion: Part 1

  • Now Playing: Retired NYPD detective examines woman’s death, says case worth another look: Part 4

  • Now Playing: Nearly seven years after mysterious death, civil trial begins: Part 6

  • Now Playing: Dead woman’s family files wrongful death suit: Part 5

  • Now Playing: Dead woman’s family refuses to believe she committed suicide: Part 3

  • Now Playing: CEO says he left voicemail girlfriend listened to before she killed herself

  • Now Playing: What happened when expert attempted to tie same knot as woman mysteriously found dead

  • Now Playing: Father speaks out on girlfriend’s death, honors memory of son with foundation

  • Now Playing: Mom still searching for answers after young son’s deadly fall

  • Now Playing: How the original ‘Roseanne’ pilot came together: Part 1

  • Now Playing: ’50 Shades Freed’ star Jamie Dornan says Dakota Johnson is a ‘maniac driver’

  • Now Playing: ’50 Shades Freed’ star Dakota Johnson on what annoys her about Jamie Dornan

  • Now Playing: Walk through house where brutal 1985 murder was committed with the investigator

  • Now Playing: Convicted murderer fights for his innocence from prison

  • Now Playing: Dad who survived son’s murder plot that killed mom, brother wants his life spared

  • Now Playing: Father forgives son who plotted family’s murder, says it’s the only way to heal

  • Now Playing: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ star on her mom’s hilarious reaction to headset scene

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