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Sessions: We cannot allow California to obstruct the law

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushes back against California’s actions on immigration, discusses ICE immigration enforcement on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.’ FOX News Channel (FNC)…


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31 Comments to Sessions: We cannot allow California to obstruct the law

  1. Joe Rockhead says:

    CA government is a threat to the USA.

  2. Leonard Wong says:

    Slow , ineffective and inefficient. That's what he is. A dem agent stalling for time?He'd better prove otherwise.

  3. SamSays says:

    Big red government

  4. Retardifornia is fucked – full of criminal beaners and fascist PC/SJW DemonRat libTURDS/TARDS

  5. The Mayor needs to be made an example of legally.

  6. I agree with his words, but it would help us to gain confidence in the DOJ to see something DONE about it. Brown, Bacerra, Pelosi and Clinton all have blood on their hands. They should all be in jail.

  7. vwr32jeep says:

    But Hillary gets to jeopardize national security with her private email server so she can run pay-to-play deals and dodge FOIA requests? Sessions is only scratching the surface of what he SHOULD be doing. Trump should have asked Gowdy to be the AG.

  8. Jason Bourne says:

    Rosenstein and Mueller are obstructing the law. What you doing about it Jeff?

  9. Where your heart lies there your treasure lies also. What good does it do a man to gain the whole world only to lose his soul? Do you think God shares your thoughts? You want to obstruct Gods law if you seek to deny the worth of his children. You can only do this by denying them and choosing the world as your kingdom over Gods. You want so much to make your kingdom here. Is this where your safety lies? Your surety? Your certainty? Be careful in your decision because in it you will either find yourself or lose yourself. Just ask yourself a few questions. Would God have you think what you are thinking if it excludes any of his children? Who's laws are you choosing to follow? What defines your worth? This world or God?

  10. Finally! You know illegal immigrants and especially illegals who have committed crimes effect the entire country, not just California. Wisconsin is for stopping sanctuary cities no matter what state they are in. Wisconsin care about all legal citizen's in every state. Why are there so many homeless in Cali? Why is there human feces and dirty drug needles all over the sidewalks in Cali? Oh yeah, it is full of Democrat hypocrites!

  11. We win says:

    None of these illegals are innocent. They have broke the law when they didn’t come here legal.

  12. California is aiding and abetting these illegals. Complete violation to our constitution, and spiting in the face of all law enforcement. Total disgrace.

  13. California has too many "whack" jobs in office. We need to drain the swamp in California! They are destroying this state. "We the People" of California have never gotten to vote on these stupid laws either! Gas tax increase, vehicle registration increase, back ground check to buy ammunition, sanctuary state bullshit….we got to vote on absolutely none of this….Moonbeam Brown has become a "dick-tator"!

  14. Mojokuku says:

    He needs to bring charges against officials who are aiding and abetting illegals. Just because someone works with, or within government it shouldn't mean there is no accountability for violating the law… It's just going to keep happening until people are made examples of, by bringing them to justice.

  15. WJ F says:

    send all the illegal immigrants to California give them Mexican flags and Seed California to Mexico and put a big f**** wall around there and they could just be like Tijuana Mexico Mexico is a s*** hole just like Donald Trump said….

  16. No wonder people are leaving California by the boat load…..This is the true shithole state.

  17. Sessions wants somebody to love him.

  18. Trade Texas and California to Mexico for building the wall make it mostly a straight line.

  19. Hey palosi, coming into the USA ILLEGALLY is a criminal act, therefore making every illegal person a CRIMINAL.

  20. This is a simple solution. Arrest the California governor and all other California politicians and charge them all with aiding and abetting criminals, a federal crime subject to prison time.

  21. For God's sake YouTube, ban the stupid NRA commercials. Their obsession to promote killing with the use of firearms is asinine. Even the fool in the commercial shows signs of being a mass murderer.

  22. Send the military in…arrest ALL state and municipal officials, including police and sheriff, in violation of federal illegal alien laws, send them to Gitmo, deport the wetbacks, declare martial law and have the military take over security duties until you can hire some Texans to turn the state around….While we are cleaning up the California “shithole”, arrest top executives of Google, Facebook, Apple on conspiracy and anti-trust violations. Send them to Gitmo and place the companies under public control so that every American can have their voice heard without biased censorship.

  23. arrest the government pricks for obstruction. its time to make the elite pay for being illegal

  24. Put them in Prison with a few Ms-13 members

  25. HOMER DRUMPF says:

    Someone give this man an elf suit! 😅😅😅😘

  26. Well them prosecute them and throw them in jail, ….why are you SUING them when you should be throwing them in jail??A Sessions dog and pony show.

  27. Stop talking and do your job and arrest these crooked politicians and even crooked law enforcement officers.

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