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Steve Says: Tariffs and the elite

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President Trump

’s decision to impose new steel and aluminum tariffs has caused the first big rift between him and the Republican establishment. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing…


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  1. What is the problem? You tax us and we tax you. That is fair. What is not fair, is you tax us and we do not tax you. That is unfair. What President Trump is doing is nothing more than redressing the balance in a fair way.
    All this negative rhetoric from the media is confusing. Can someone explain to me why it is right for the EU to tax American goods and America not tax EU goods? I need that explanation to cover the EU position, that it is somehow unfair for President Trump to impose similar Tariffs on EU goods. Also why the EU leaders display such disdain, animosity and downright indignation that America dare to do such a despicable thing as place tariffs on EU goods.
    If the media is to believed, the EU leaders now want the World Trade Organisation rules and regulations to
    be reviewed and possibly altered. No doubt, the EU leaders want these rules to be changed to favour the EU in order to help them unfairly attack President Trump's policies. Also changing the WTO rules and regulations in a way to benefit the EU would definitely be harmful to the UK in the event of a no Brexit deal where the UK would fall back to trading with the EU on WTO rules and regulations. These EU leaders are pure evil.
    The EU tariffs on American cars is approaching 25%. American tariffs on EU cars is 2.5%!!! The EU leaders think that this is totally acceptable. Wow, how fair is that?

  2. Steve your so right on the tariff. The establishment is looking at their own pockets that are about to shrink. People in manufacturing said when NAFTA was signed it was bad for our country. Those people were right. I believe that fair trade is equal trade.

  3. All those that don't like it , are of the same swamp. "The Shadow Government. We The PEOPLE, are praying fervently, that God's will be done concerning these evil people.
    Remember if they are anti- Trump , they are part of that swamp!

  4. As always Steve, you are spot on. All the big corporations now have a spotlight on them and their profits. Let's see how they play this out. This country could be far and away the top in the world if the greedy 1% would marginally decrease their profits.

  5. Free trade is good, but it must be mutually beneficial. Trump is a graduate of the Wharton school of business, but we're not gonna get in bed with an unfaithful Chinese mistress. If we don't set the rules, she will.

  6. U said it the best steve and very on point…indeed we been been doing the same shit on trades for the past 40 years and didnt work only benefiting the rich and the globalist and now its time for change and trying something new…thank God for president Trump.

  7. The Globalist dems don't want this! Maybe North Korea won't feel so threatened & this is why Kim will decide to finally decide to allow his people to eat, & not fear us. I can only pray that President Trump met with Putin & Jinping. We do not need another warmonger in Office. Meet with his allies , & all must decide to disarm Rocket Man, & send him into space. Kim doesn't even know how to supply enough electricity into his country & according to my studies, it is because he hates Putin. Wrong man to hate. If we have Putin on our side, let's send Rocket Man into space! This is going back to the days of Hitler, to where we knew the Jews, my people, were being butchered & America was part of it. We finally have a leader who is not a globalist & is willing to fight to liberate Kim's people. We sit here, all fat , snuggled and warm, so free! We even have anti-bullying laws to protect us from each other because we cant get along! Freedom has turned us into wild animals, to the point, they are using a whore to try to take down my leader! It will not work!

  8. Why is it that everyone ( the American people and current events followers of the world ) knows EXACTLY what this tariff move President Trump has made actually is but the Republican politicians and even economists don't? This is about the leading up to, and disintegration of NAFTA! The US is in a unique position of INTERNAL RESOURCES to do this AND with high confidence of success! No other country in the world at this time could ever pull this off and it has never been done so in the past because the opportunity to do this has never been possible before this time!
    Republicans and even economists are relying on data models and past events that they think are relevant to what's going on, because they see it like any other " trade war ". When in reality, this is a FIRST time unique strategy in the history of the world, hence no economic models are really useful, not to mention valid.

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