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Trump reacts to Comey’s interview with ABC News Video

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  • Now Playing: Starbucks CEO speaks out after black men arrested

  • Now Playing: Trump reacts to Comey’s interview with ABC News

  • Now Playing: Man charged with murder in fire at music studio

  • Now Playing: Why Comey thinks Trump is ‘unfit’ to be president

  • Now Playing: 200 million eggs recalled due to salmonella fears

  • Now Playing: How James Comey’s wife found out about his firing

  • Now Playing: Major storms bring snow, rain and tornadoes to millions

  • Now Playing: Barbara Bush in failing health, stops medical treatment

  • Now Playing: Trump demands right to review FBI-seized materials

  • Now Playing: James Comey addresses his most controversial decisions

  • Now Playing: Barbra Bush surrounded by family as she battles heart failure

  • Now Playing: James Comey’s first interview since his firing

  • Now Playing: James Comey speaks out in exclusive ABC News interview

  • Now Playing: “Start Here” podcast: James Comey

  • Now Playing: Comey weighs in on if he thinks Trump will be impeached

  • Now Playing: Comey interview: Was President Trump obstructing justice?

  • Now Playing: Spring storm moves east after blanketing central US in snow

  • Now Playing: A possible ‘school’ attack threat shut down by police in NY

  • Now Playing: Former homeless woman graduates from law school

  • Now Playing: Handcuffing of 2 black men in Starbucks in Philadelphia sparks controversy

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