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Tucker: Dems care more about murderous illegals than you

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Tucker: When Democrats say they’re committed to protecting undocumented immigrants, they’re talking about illegal aliens accused of vehicular homicide like Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda in sanctuary…


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50 Comments to Tucker: Dems care more about murderous illegals than you

  1. Wow! Cut them off. No more federal money until they comply with the constitution.

  2. berniedmj1 says:

    It’ll get to that point when an illegal murder brown or Pelosi or shaft then they will wake up. Maybe.

  3. And a large amount of American's are following this line of belief…. It's past a time for a "purge"… it's no longer just illegals that need deporting. It's time for a rank & file assessment of core beliefs amongst our own citizenry. If simple core beliefs, upheld, backed, & granted by America's Constitution are not held in a citizen's mind… they need to choose an exit point. I'm not even talking an airline ticket, just a specific point at the border, of their choice, for them to be thrown over!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!

  4. JasJones123 says:

    Tucker you must be the voice of conservative reason the liberals have lost their minds. This illegal aliens is never going to show up at that hearing, shame on the judge for giving him a $25,000 bond all he needs is $2,500 and he is free. The feds should make it against the law to allow illegals to post bail, that is a right reserved for a citizen. Once they are in police hands illegals should not be set free until they are at the border.

  5. Mike OZ says:

    I'm a peaceful loving man, but seriously, all these left wing nut job Democrats need to be rounded up & re-educated in camps specifically built for these pedophile, criminal loving madmen & women!!

  6. Pro White says:

    White people are rayciss

  7. The Worm says:

    This is what the city of Denver has become. Last year the city released an illegal wanted by ICE who had committed crimes in the Denver area. Within 2 weeks of being released that illegal murdered a man waiting to go to work at a Denver area light rail stop. Instead of realizing the error of their ways, the Denver City Council led by Mayor Michael Hancock doubled down on their protection of illegals, by passing more illegal friendly legislation. Now this. Hancock's days may be numbered as he has recently been outed on sexual misconduct charges.

  8. G-Mack, 58. says:

    I live south of Denver, and believe you me when I say that Colorado is just as liberal as California. It totally sucks and is a real nightmare. Lock up these city & state officials that back these policies. 🇺🇸 M.A.G.A.

  9. the dead drivers family should sue denver and the mayor personally.

  10. RJazz117 says:

    Hey Lefties: Borders, Language, Culture – without these three things, you have no country. <–learn that.

  11. Elthadiya says:

    I currently live in the "Belly of the Beast", central California. It is really bad here. The majority of the homeless here that I have personally seen through social welfare programs working on the streets were United States Citizens and Vets, homeless because of loss of job, injured, and unable to acquire employment. The STATE of California will not take care of them, however, they will take care of illegal immigrants and pay them Cash-Aid and food stamps, without any questions asked or without performing a background check. The Illegals also earn extra money working in the fields, using a false name. The illegals are getting rich and powerful, buying homes here in California while Californians leave California; they can also have a California Drivers License, an American Passport and can vote, while receiving Food Stamps and Cash Aid. Illegals immigrants are getting rich on government subsidy, while Americans live on the streets, starve to death, commit suicide because of worthlessness, get murdered by an immigrant, or just fall away never to be seen again.It is my belief the situation in California is nothing less than a hostile takeover, a coup d'é·tat, and those responsible should be found guilty of Treason.My family landed in Jamestown in 1627, and I have lived here over half a century, moving from the East Coast to California. Never in all my years have I felt or heard fear percolating among American Citizens like I do now in California. Those of us still here live in fear and only hope our wonderful President Donald Trump sends in the Marines to free us of this hostile takeover.We love you Mr. President Donald Trump.

  12. ICE is wasting it s time deporting illegal criminals , build that wall and beef up border control or they will just keep coming back

  13. Blue -eyed says:

    Bretty Pettibone is held in the UK for a thought crime. Pick this up Tucker! Communism just got real in the UK.

  14. Audrey Lynn says:

    This is what we get when we have politicians that care more about their political career then the state and city they represent. Common sense is not in their DNA. This man first is dangerous to all the people in Denver. Second he should NOT be allowed bail. He is a illegal alien who is not supposed to be here so he is at a higher risk of jumping bail.

  15. Tucker so in Africa it was deer their too. You think I’m stupid the native Indian was on this land here first.

  16. Ali Klein says:

    If you have committed a crime it should be an automatic deportation right then and there. How is this even an issue? Would you let a convicted murder live in your home?


  18. Nick Smith says:

    I'll believe more politicians when they dress less like the wealthy few and more like the average American. I wonder how many politicians wash their own dishes?

  19. How Dare the Left sacrifice American life for political power.

  20. That is why I despise the Democrat party and Democrats in general. DESPISE THEM!

  21. Paul Hawk says:

    Need to start enforcing federal drug laws…start with Cali then Colorado….

  22. LazyStoner says:

    Build the wall and kill all invading criminals.

  23. Fuck moonbeam. And fuck the democrats. In my existing lifetime I will NEVER vote for a Democrat. EVER. you can take your super-delegates and shove them up your ass!

  24. Steve Coe says:

    Which is the reason I got a 🔫

  25. Mike Zemble says:

    Brown, could have built the wall and save a few Billion with the money he used for his toy train.

  26. Raid all pro illegal and pro pot states. Both are a disgrace.

  27. pigboykool says:

    DemocRats only care about their power and no one else, even means they are siding with the criminals.

  28. The Mayor and Govenor both are just as guilty as the illegals are.

  29. The Punisher says:

    The democrats are gambling with our lives/family, so let's see what they'll do if this happens to their family!?#StopTheNonesense

  30. 10tenman10 says:

    I think the city of Denver needs to be sued for any crime committed by one of those criminals. The Democrat politicians are true scum when they protect these illegals.

  31. RYNO XPRESS says:

    It’s time to shut these fuckers down

  32. Alex Blok says:

    Same in London. Rising crime, and nothing being done about it, but plenty of cameras to catch you speeding or going into the congestion zone without paying, even if accidentally.Our leaders are protected from common crime and other thing, so don't give a monkeys.

  33. Mr.Eggplant says:

    Send all illegals to California.

  34. Tucker once again fools his viewers, and they're ill equipped to see the con job.

  35. I hate that we have to pay for these criminals prison time, but deporting him isn’t a safe option until we have a wall.

  36. Jj Johnson says:

    What will it take to make these liberal socialists see the danger of their actions? Does one if their loved ones, if they love anyone other than themselves) to B beatten in a mugging, molested, raped, burnt alive in a vehicle, taken from them in a fatal shooting or wreck or have their home & property invadex by illegals from around the world, before they see the light? Maybe that would not even touch them. They R cold souls!!😕

  37. Interesting how this video is monetized.. If we try to publish a video like this it would get hid from people.

  38. nicedog1 says:

    As soon as he gets bail he will escape across the border into Mexico. Oh! Of course he won’t!

  39. snow leopard says:

    US Citizens and LEGAL immigrants are Dreamers. Illegals are liars and cheaters just like the Liberal Democrap Party.

  40. Fabi Grossi says:

    Such cheap agitation. This channel's level is unthinkably low.

  41. Hangfire-13 says:

    Liberals will throw ANYONE under a bus for an undocumented DemocRAT's vote!

  42. Poor people ..mueller will fix this. Arrest all in the WH…IS MUELLER TIME.

  43. You call this news? And fox says the liberal media is biased. Oh goodness.

  44. Alex Chappy says:

    Sanctuary cities must be abolished and politicians who advocate this ideology must be criminally prosecuted without a trial!

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